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Reach out, follow up, and automate at scale to send sophisticated emails using Amazon SES.

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Email not cutting it for you?
Tired of complicated ways to send emails at scale?

Send emails 100x cheaper

Using Amazon SES, you can send 500K+ per day, plus it’s at a fraction of the price of what’s out there at the moment. It means less spending and more sending.

Land in the intended inbox, time after time.

No matter how much you try to reach out to everyone, it always comes with its challenges – Amazon SES controls deliverability for you.

Automate repetitive emails, follow ups and tasks to spend more time where it counts

Automating your emails with Up, empowers you to set up lead and revenue-boosting campaigns that run themselves, leaving you with more time, space, and energy. You can also avoid needing to connect multiple Gmail accounts, or third-party tools in order to send the volume of emails that you need.

What you can do with Up.

See how Up makes your outreach easier, more scalable,
and the best value around.

Mass outreach on autopilot

Launch powerful email sequences, send follow-ups that don’t feel generic, and open more opportunities for your business, or unlock engagement with product updates, company newsletters or any other email campaign at scale.

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Send highly personalized emails and get replies

Whether it’s prospecting or sending newsletters, increase your reply rates by communicating with every prospect on a 1-on-1 level.

Maximum deliverability into inboxes

Make your emails land time after time into inboxes using Amazon SES’s advanced sending capability.

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gmass vs up

100x cheaper with Amazon SES

Up sends emails, at scale, via Amazon SES. It’s a fraction of the cost of using traditional sending tools.

Unleash your customer data

Keep track of open, click and bounce rates with powerful campaign reporting.

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Drive more sales with Up today.

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