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Gmass is cool. But if you are looking for a Gmass alternative that goes way beyond Gmail’s email volume limitations and doesn’t charge you per user, definitely read on. We have designed this page to help you make a clear decision and explore insights into why Up is the simplest and best Gmass alternative, powered by Amazon SES.

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Email templates and campaigns

Reports and analytics

Bounce & unsubscribe handling


Unlimited users

Powered by Amazon SES

Daily email limit

Price for 10 users (or 50,000 emails per month)





Up is the best Gmass alternative if you…

Need to send emails in “proper mass”

In the end of the day, Gmass is still subject to Gmail’s email volume restrictions, and you won’t be able to send more than 2,000 emails per day with them. Up is powered by Amazon SES, that can allow you to send up to 500,000 emails per day. Big difference, right?

Are tired of managing several Gmail accounts

You know about Gmail email sending limitations, so at this point you may have created 2, 5, 10 or even more Gmail accounts to be able to send emails in volume? Well, say goodbye to this nightmare, Up is a single tool to send all emails you need.

Don’t want pricing based on number of users

Our pricing is based only on the email volume you send, no matter how many users you have. Gmass will charge you more every time you grow your team. So if you don’t want surprises with pricing, Up is a good Gmass alternative for you.

Gmass is best if you…

Prefer to stick to Gmail

Gmass is built inside Gmail so, if you really prefer staying in Gmail to send emails in large volume, Up is not the best Gmass alternative for you.

Need AB testing

To be fair, this is a feature only available in Gmass so, if you really need it, Up is not the best Gmass alternative for you.

Why Up is the best Gmass alternative for Amazon SES users.

Send newsletters 100x cheaper

Up sends emails, at scale, via Amazon SES. Avoid s expensive and there are limited use cases.

lemlist alternative
alternative to lemlist

Personalize emails at scale

Whether it’s prospecting or sending newsletters, increase your reply rates by communicating with every prospect on a 1-on-1 level.

Automate follow-ups

Launch powerful email sequences, send follow-ups that don’t feel generic, and open more opportunities for your business, or unlock engagement with product updates, company newsletters or any other email campaign at scale.

lemlist alternative
gmass vs up

Set campaigns on autopilot

Put drip campaigns, customer onboarding and automated welcome series on autopilot.

Customize fields every step of the way

Create custom fields to store more than just a name. Store more information about your subscribers, and use different lists for segmentation.

gmass alternative
lemlist alternative

Measure your results

Keep track of open, click and bounce rates with powerful campaign reporting.

Bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling

Keep your lists clean with low bounce and spam rates. Up will automatically manage unsubscribe, bounce in real-time. There is no need for manual campaign cleanups after you press send.

lemlist alternative

Explore even more features

List management

Manage and segment lists & subscribers easily with Up. Mass import, export and delete subscribers.

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