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Do you offer a free trial?

We do not currently offer a free trial. In order to use Up, you need to set up Amazon SES and configure it correctly. We usually support this and so it would be really hard for us to support every free user (as much as we would love to!).

What types of emails can you send?

Up has been built to break through the barriers that you typically have sending through Gmail or traditional tools like Mailchimp, and Mailerlite. Customers use Up for everything from prospecting to email newsletters.

What are the benefits of using Amazon SES?

Amazon SES is super-cheap, super-scalable and it’s Amazon, so we know the technical behind-the-scenes that go into building their sending architecture. You can read more here.

What happens if I exceed my limit?

In order to avoid your sending to stop, we simply upgrade you to the next plan when you reach your limits.